GMS Health Innovation and Technologies

EuroScan international network e. V. (EuroScan)


GMS Health Innovations and Technologies (HInT) is published by international HealthTechScan (i-HTS), a brand of EuroScan international network e.V. and is released as e-journal as part of German Medical Science (GMS). GMS HInT – before 2019 known as ‚GMS Health Technology Assessment (HTA)‘ – is an international journal and presents global activities and findings in the life cycle of health technologies. The online format of the journal provides quick and easy access to up-to-date information and experiences from clinical, health and policy environments with particular focus on new, emerging and obsolete health technologies. Furthermore, summaries of Health Technology Assessments along with the long versions can be published.

GMS Health Innovations and Technologies is continually available to readers free of charge. Publications are subject to a processing fee.

Please note: This page is under construction. The transition of the journal to this platform (PUBLISSO Gold) is in planning. The current edition can be accessed at: