The MAK-Collection for Occupational Health and Safety

Ständige Senatskommission zur Prüfung gesundheitsschädlicher Arbeitsstoffe
[Permanent Senate Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area]

Cover: MAK-Collection

  • Documentations and Methods

    In the documentation and methods, the Commission, with the support of additional experts (Guests of the Commission) and the Scientific Secretariat, collects all the available toxicological data on a substance, describes its mechanisms of action and suggests health-based limit values, classifications and other notations. In addition, analytical methods suitable to reliably quantify the substances as well as their biological parameters are described.

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  • List of MAK and BAT Values

    The annually updated List of MAK and BAT Values contains in summary the threshold limit values suggested by the Commission, along with classifications and other designations for around 1000 substances found at the workplace. It forms the scientific basis for the legislation governing occupational health and safety in Germany and beyond.
    The List of MAK and BAT Values is published annually in German, English and Spanish.

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